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Which Gold 401k Rollover Plan Is Right For you?

When it comes to rolling over your 401k to gold you can do so through a self-directed gold IRA. This gives you full control over the amount & type of gold you can buy as part of your 401k rollover. 

The process of setting up a 401k rollover to gold is very straightforward once you find the right company to help.

To continue from this point you have 2 options:

Option 1: Click here to find out how to setup a gold 401k rollover.

Option 2: Continue reading to find out more about which company can help you setup your gold 401k rollover with just one phone call. 

If you are totally new to this type of investment it's important you carry out your due dilligence on the major 401k rollover companies. This can take a lot of time and you also need to get past lots of slick 'sales talk' when you speak to a lot of these companies on the phone.

You would be surprised at the amount of 'reputable' companies who use very aggressive sales talk tactics and in our opinion these companies should be avoided at all costs. 

And our 401k rollover research also uncovered some shocking results in relation to the lack of positive customer reviews and consistency of good feedback for some of the top gold IRA companies.

But to help you take the 'path of least resistance' when it comes to finding the right gold 401k rollover company for you, we have done lots of research and come up with a shortlist of 3 companies you should contact first.

All these companies have:

  • lots of positive customer testimonials.
  • provide 'exceptional' customer service.
  • and won't try and strong arm you into making fast decisions about your gold 401k.

Our experts picked these 3 Gold 401k Rollover companies based on 10 key criteria:

  1. Cost of IRA setup. (Set fee or sliding scale?)
  2. Cost of gold storage. (Set fee or sliding scale?)
  3. Ease of IRA setup. (Hassle free or too much paperwork?)
  4. Do they offer a gold 'buy-back' policy at market rates?
  5. Ratings with the Better Business Bureau (A+ ratings?)
  6. Ratings from Business Consumer Alliance (AAA ratings?)
  7. Amount of positive customer reviews (Quantity and quality.)
  8. Professionalism on the phone (Any signs of 'hard sales tactics')
  9. Are they selling gold that benefits you more than them?
  10. Length of time for IRA setup & gold delivery. (Days or weeks?)

Which Gold 401k Rollover Companies Made Our Top 3?

1st Place: Regal Assets
Regal Assets First Place
If you have done any research online about gold IRA's, gold IRA rollovers or a gold 401k then you should not be surprised to read a lot about Regal Assets.

Our opinion is that their rise to being one of the most trusted companies within the gold IRA market says more about their competitors than it does about their meteoric rise to being a Top 20 Financial Services company in the Inc.500 listing.

Whilst a lot of their competitors have been very complacent in not providing a quality service, Regal have focussed entirely on providing a great customer experience since they started.

The 200+ customer testimonials on Trustlink prove they are doing something right and that's just one of the reasons we have no hesitation in making them our Number 1 recommendation.

Regal Assets also provide a very comprehensive guide to investing in gold IRAs and you can order your own complimentary copy by clicking here or click on the image below.

Gold IRA Rollover Kit

But how did Regal Assets perform relative to our 10-point criteria?

1. Cost of IRA setup & admin: No cost for the IRA setup in the first year. Saving you $100.

2. Cost of gold storage: No cost for gold storage in the first year. Saving you $150.

You will not be charged for IRA admin and gold storage until the start of the second year. Look out for companies who calculate their fees based on a sliding scale of how much physical gold you are holding. Regal fees are 'flat' in that even if you hold $100,000's worth of gold your yearly fee will remain at $250. This low anual fee can you save you $1,000's over the life of the gold IRA compared to other IRA company fees.

3. Ease of IRA setup:  All it takes is 1 phone to Regal Assets and they will take care of ALL the paperwork. Theirs is one of the most hassle-free 401k rollover plans you will find.

4. Their gold buy-back policy: If at any stage you wish to liquidate your gold then Regal will give you the current market price. Lots of companies will try and make money from gold buy-back but Regal put the customer first and provide a very fair buy-back policy.

5. Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings: Their A+ rating from the BBB is as good as it gets.

6. Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) ratings: Their AAA rating speaks for itself.

7. Trustlink customer reviews/testimonials: Regal Assets have the highest number of positive reviews amongst over 20 gold IRA companies we researched. The level of 'verified' positive feedback is exceptional and one of the major reasons Regal have grown so quickly within the gold IRA provision space.

8. Courteous, patient and very professional: When speaking with Regal on the phone you will be delighted to know there is no need to worry about any strong-arm sales tactics. Their specialist advisors take the time to explain in detail the 401k rollover process along with all your options relating to the types of gold you should buy as part of your rollover IRA.
Have a read here of some of their existing customer testimonials to discover just how professionally you will be treated when you call them.

9. Advice on which gold to buy: Lots of companies are notorious for selling gold that makes them more profit. Regal take the exact opposite approach. They provide you with ALL the facts and figures relating to the type of gold you should buy. And you can do your own due dilligence with that information or you can trust Regal's advice. Either way Regal will never suggest any gold products that do not benefit you more than them.

10. Length of time to organise 401k rollover & delivery of gold: After making the first call to Regal and finalizing the amount of money you wish to rollover from your 401k, you will have your gold IRA setup within 24 hours. And after a final discussion with Regal Assets on your gold choice, the physical gold will be delivery to your gold depositroy within 7 days. This is one ofthe fastest deliveries of gold in the business.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with Regal Assets today and see why 100's of exisiting customers are happy to recommend them to their family and friends.

2nd Place: Capital Gold Group
Capital Gold 401k Rollover

Click here to read our Capital Gold Group review.

3rd Place: Morgan Gold
Morgan Gold 401k Rollover

Click here to read our Morgan Gold review.

How to get a gold 401k rollover started?

Step 1: The first thing is to see whether your employer (former or existing) will let the rollover of funds from your existing 401k to a gold IRA account. If they let this to happen then the next step is straightforward. However, if they are not in a position to ease this, then your other option is to cash-out the 401k and use the funds to start up a self directed gold IRA.

NOTE: Cashing out your 401k will result in additional taxes so it's to be avoided if possible.

Step 2: Once Step 1 is finished you can transfer any monies to your new IRA custodian. It's imperative to have a gold IRA custodian in place prior to step 1 as rather than you taking the cash-out from your former, or existing company, the new custodian can take the check on your behalf, which should result in not having to pay any taxes.

Step 3: Once your self-directed gold IRA account is funded from your 401k you need to decide which physical gold to invest in. With a gold IRA you are only allowed to invest in specific gold coins. Speak with your gold IRA company for advice on gold selection.

What you can do next:

1. Click here to request a FREE gold 401k rollover investment pack.

2. Still confused about a gold 401k? Click here to speak with Regal Assets who will provide you with all the help you need to make the right decisions about your 401k rollover.